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Call of Gibbon

It was a rare experience to see and hear the call of Gibbon in the middle of a reserve forest in Mariani in Jorhat Dist. of  Assam. Early in the morning at around 6.00am started from Jorhat town to reach Hoollongapar Reserve Forest. This dense reserve is evergreen forest and with tall and heavy built trees. Hoolongapar Reserve Forest derived its name from Hoolong Tree which happens to be "State Tree of Assam".
                                                    "HOOLONG" State tress of Assam

Hoolongapar forest is having Rich flora & fauna which makes it a very rich Bio-Diverse forest Its aged old tall trees are always a home of Indian ape Gibbon. As our Guide Mr.Bora informed about this forest that it is having 108 nos of Gibbons which very social in nature. Generally Gibbons are family oriented apes. They live in a group of 3/4 members,which comprises of Male, female and their siblings. These Gibbons are very sensitive to their area and make round of their re…


Pilgrimage tour of DEOPANI Temple in Karbi Anglong, Assam

On the 15th June 2016 ,I along with family members specially my mother started for DEOPANI Mandir ( Temple), a scared place in the hill dist. of Karbi Anglong. To reach Deopani from Jorhat we surpassed Golghat and Silonijan area and it took around 2.30 hrs to reach there by our  private car. Public transport takes around 4 hours to reach Deopani. Buses ply  regularly between Golaghat to Bokajan/Dimapur one can drop at Deopani to reach Temple.
Deopani Temple where Goddess Durga is worshipped is situated in lush green environment  amid a Tea garden.

                                                              The Ribbon Tied Tree

                                                         A Tortoise in the Pond

Main Entrance in the Temple Complex

Mandir (Temple) is having very old pond and it is full of Tortoise and other fish species. Local people have very high respect and visits this place for wishes. It is having a very big tr…

Majuli the largest River Island

Tha Land of  SATRAS. Majuli is situated in the middle of only male river "Brahamputra" in the state of Assam. It is the largest river island in the world and also a hub of assamese neo-vaishnavite culture. Its scenic beauty adds spark to its rich culture. Farming, fishing, dairying, pottery,handloom and boat-making are the main occupations of the localities of this place.
              So, my journey for Majuli began from jorhat on my red bike. It took 25 minutes to reach Nimati ferry ghat from Jorhat. Thereafter, me, my red bike along with my friend boarded a ferry to reach Kamlabari ferry ghat situated in the island of  Majuli.Ferry Services startes at 7.30am morning from Nimati and continues up to 3.00pm. and from Kamalabari it Starts at 7.00am and contnues up to 3.30pm .
              After having tea at kamlabari bazar we headed towards Auniati satra. The satra is not just a monastery, but a centre of traditional performing arts. The monastery consists of a temple surr…