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Majuli the largest River Island

Tha Land of  SATRAS. Majuli is situated in the middle of only male river "Brahamputra" in the state of Assam. It is the largest river island in the world and also a hub of assamese neo-vaishnavite culture. Its scenic beauty adds spark to its rich culture. Farming, fishing, dairying, pottery,handloom and boat-making are the main occupations of the localities of this place.
              So, my journey for Majuli began from jorhat on my red bike. It took 25 minutes to reach Nimati ferry ghat from Jorhat. Thereafter, me, my red bike along with my friend boarded a ferry to reach Kamlabari ferry ghat situated in the island of  Majuli.Ferry Services startes at 7.30am morning from Nimati and continues up to 3.00pm. and from Kamalabari it Starts at 7.00am and contnues up to 3.30pm .
              After having tea at kamlabari bazar we headed towards Auniati satra. The satra is not just a monastery, but a centre of traditional performing arts. The monastery consists of a temple surr…