Arunach Pradesh
 The Northeast frontier Arunachal Pradesh is land of Rising Sun in India. Here nature have spared its beauty every where. The hills & mountains, the lakes and the rivers, landscapes to natural beauty. The flora & fauna is still unexplored. 
Recent trip to lower Siang dist. of Arunachl Pradesh have once again proved that Arunachal is mysterious .

Langkhon Shaking Dance 2019


Fish Pickle of Nongpoh ( Shillong )

On the way to Shillong,Capital city of Meghalaya state, small make shift stalls attracts many passerby. Almost whole of roadside stalls are frequented by the travelers travelling to different parts of Megahalya. 
Some may be enjoying thefresh pineapple or some may be busy purchasing vegetable or fruits.
Though stalls are very small but the produce are very highly acceptable not because of its beautiful packaged look  but because of its quality.
Local produce like Pineapple, Papaya, Bamboo shoots pickle, Banana, Citrus fruits, different pickles and the special Fish Pickle are as fresh as it is being brought from our own home. Aroma of  Well prepared  fresh pickles will compel you to have some more. 
One of the rare produce is "Fish pickle", it is made of small fish with chilies and they are very mouth watering when tasted with bread.
Shillong weather is cold and anything made of red & hot chilies tastes good in cool & chill weather condition. 
Do taste when you are in Shill…
"MAIDAMS" are the burial ground of the royals and aristocracy of the medieval Ahom Kingdom in Assam. The royal maidams are found exclusively at Charaideo Dist. of Assam where as many others are scattered in different places of upper Assam.Earlier it was under Sibsagar dist but now a new dist. is created by the title name. These moidam are situated on Sibsagar-Sonari road and around 90km away from Jorhat Airport.
The Cheraideo Maidam as it is called is still having the charm of its origin. These maidam consists of vaults with one or more chambers.The vaults have a domical superstructure that are covered by a hemispherical earthen mound that rises high above the ground with an open pavilion at the peak called chow chali. An octagonal dwarf wall encloses the entire maidam.The Maidam at Cheraideo is scared burial ground of different Kings & queens of Ahom dynasty.It is also associated with their ancestral god. Maidams are associated with the Ahom ancestor worship and the f…
Festival of Festivals  ” Hornbill Festival ” Its Called Festival of Festivals and the name is HORNBILL FESTIVAL. This
Annual event held from 1st to 10th of December every year. This festival showcases the 16 Ethnic tribes of Nagaland. The culture and traditions of every tribe is different from others and they showcases it through this in series of celebrations throughout these to days extraveganza. Food, dance, attire and daily routine of these tribes are shown in a miniature representation. 
A photographers delight and to know about the ethnic life style of Naga tribes one must visit this Hornbill festival.
Other attractions near Hornbill is Dzukou vally trekking, Khonoma heritage village, Kohima war memorial etc.
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Rangali Bihu of Assam

Among the annual festivity of Assam Rangali bihu is promimemt. This is held in mid April and celebrated upto a week or sometime a fortnight. It marks the starting of new year. Orchids and diffrent atumn flower blooms, new tender leaves makes the entire environment very energetic and colourful. In this bihu 1st day is marked as Goru bihu and rhe very next day is MANUH bihu. Rangali means Hapiness.During this bihu celebrations love songs and dances are performed. This video is a glimps of the Bihu performance of Rangali Bihu.

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Bor Bheti


BOR BHETI a place of worship of assamese community in general and more precisely of MAYAMORA sect, is situated in " Malowpathar " North West direction of Jorhat, It was the dream of  Dharma Guru of the sect to establish a  BHETI for the rememberance of the Guru the  Assam. " Na-Laguwa " an annual festival is held here in the month of November each year. on the ocassion thousands of worshippers throng this area with full fun and fare and community feasting takes place after offering of rituals.This practice is continued since year 1768 and presently its peripheri is increasing year by year.  This BOR BHETI is blessing the human kind with peace & prosperity and better social understanding. I was fortunate to visit this pious place today.