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Assam travellers paradise

I live in Assam a very beautiful state of Northeast India. Guwahati is its Capital city and entry point for entire Northeast. Be it Railways be it Surface Transways or be it Airways Guwahati is well developed and well connected city with rest of India.

Very rich in terms of Natural beauty as welll as natural resources. Tea,Coal and oil is found in bounteous. World's first crude oil refinery was established in Digboi in Tinsukia Dist of Assam  as early as in the year 1901 and the oldest Oil well is still in operation. Digboi is having a golf course for Golf lovers and a major tournament held here annually.

One can visit Tea estate in  Assam. Assam produces major chunk of Black Tea in India. Maniram Diwan was the 1st Assamese person to cultivate Tea in Cinamara Jorhat which is still  producing tea.Assam tea is famous for its strong liquor where as Darjeeling tea is for its strong aroma.

Tough Assam is considered as  Tea Capital of India but apart from Tea & Oil another attracti…