Fish Pickle of Nongpoh ( Shillong )

On the way to Shillong,Capital city of Meghalaya state, small make shift stalls attracts many passerby. Almost whole of roadside stalls are frequented by the travelers travelling to different parts of Megahalya. 
Some may be enjoying thefresh pineapple or some may be busy purchasing vegetable or fruits.
Though stalls are very small but the produce are very highly acceptable not because of its beautiful packaged look  but because of its quality.
Local produce like Pineapple, Papaya, Bamboo shoots pickle, Banana, Citrus fruits, different pickles and the special Fish Pickle are as fresh as it is being brought from our own home. Aroma of  Well prepared  fresh pickles will compel you to have some more. 
One of the rare produce is "Fish pickle", it is made of small fish with chilies and they are very mouth watering when tasted with bread.
Shillong weather is cold and anything made of red & hot chilies tastes good in cool & chill weather condition. 
Do taste when you are in Shillong.
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