Cheraideo Moidam

 "MAIDAMS" are the burial ground of the royals and aristocracy of the medieval Ahom Kingdom in Assam. The royal maidams are found exclusively at Charaideo Dist. of Assam where as many others are scattered in different places of upper Assam.Earlier it was under Sibsagar dist but now a new dist. is created by the title name. These moidam are situated on Sibsagar-Sonari road and around 90km away from Jorhat Airport.
The Cheraideo Maidam as it is called is still having the charm of its origin. These maidam consists of vaults with one or more chambers.The vaults have a domical superstructure that are covered by a hemispherical earthen mound that rises high above the ground with an open pavilion at the peak called chow chali. An octagonal dwarf wall encloses the entire maidam.The Maidam at Cheraideo is scared burial ground of different Kings & queens of Ahom dynasty.It is also associated with their ancestral god. Maidams are associated with the Ahom ancestor worship and the festival of Me-Dam-Me-Phi.Me-Dam-Me-Phi is a annual celebration to pay homage to ancestral.

The Maidams of Ahom kings in Cheraideo is having some similarity with the famous pyramids of Egypt. As both the structures were used for burial purpose , both the structures are made in the shape of a triangle, both the structures are having very high social values, These structures were worshipped and believed to be carrier to the heaven.

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